Building Your Future


Would you like the chance to make a change?

Tomorrow is a big day for an exciting new project I’ve been working on with Futureworks Yorkshire! I recently wrote a song for the company titled “Building Your Future”, which aims to inspire young people to looking forward to the future in their careers.
It is difficult to decide what you want to do with your life and which direction to take. This songs aims to brighten that worry, and to give people opportunity and hope for the future.

I recently performed “Building Your Future” at Camp Bestival and the response I received from the crowd was fantastic. One comment given was:

“I had tears in my eyes listening to that song! It really fits the way I feel right at this moment and it’s made me feel really inspired!”

Earlier this year I performed the track acoustically for the first time at Doncaster Racecourse for National Apprenticeship Month. Over 300 kids from Schools across Yorkshire listened to the debut release of “Building Your Future” and after receiving a great response since, the track has now been recorded and is to be released very soon on iTunes.

But it doesn’t end there! Stay tuned for the exciting news which is happening TOMORROW! Follow @terriannmusic and @FutureworksYrks on twitter to follow our journey….

The Good Life is waiting for you….Are you ready?

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